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Moreno Perazzolo is a live video strategist for brands and entrepreneurs who want to go from unknown to unforgettable.

He is the founder of Vancouver Media Marketing and host of the Rapid-Fire Online Live Event, 'You Now Online Live'.

Moreno’s background is in engineering. He's from South Africa, though born in Italy. He describes himself as a person with a double personality; he's both an engineer with a clear analytical mind and a creative artist. His career has been a progression from running engineering projects to becoming re-educated as a business manager. Now he's evolved further to become an expert in a specific niche of business – internet marketing with online Rapid-Fire live events and video. 

Moreno shows you how helpful it is to promote yourself through online video. He explains the precise steps you can take to create effective marketing videos and show how quick and easy the process can be.

Video is the most highly-consumed medium today. Moreno helps entrepreneurs with video production, and shows them how to create a far-reaching online presence for their business. 

His specialized marketing niche is perfect for entrepreneurs. Rapid-Fire Videos are simple, quick, and affordable to produce, and everything can be done from the comfort of your office or home.

As a certified Toastmaster he helps people overcome their fears of public speaking by rewiring their minds with confidence. With his proven system, clients discover how to create persuasive scripts, get audiences excited, and deliver presentations that make viewers take action.

Moreno also shows you a method that gets you online attention by placing you in front of a live virtual audience you can interact with. This helps you build the credibility and trust you need to get more clients!

All that is needed is a computer, an Internet connection . . . and the desire to take ACTION!

My elevator pitch on video

Microbusiness owners need an elevator pitch on video that is brief, engaging, and memorable.
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