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Meet Moreno Perazzolo, a live video strategist dedicated to transforming brands and entrepreneurs from obscurity to unforgettable recognition.

He stands as the visionary behind Vancouver Media Marketing and assumes the role of the host for the dynamic online live event, 'You Now Online Live,' known for its rapid-fire pace.

Originating from South Africa but born in Italy, Moreno's background lies in engineering, a discipline that has endowed him with a dual identity. He effortlessly embodies the traits of both an engineer, equipped with a meticulous and analytical mindset, and a creative artist, fueling his imaginative side. His professional journey encompasses a shift from managing engineering endeavors to re-educating himself as a business manager. However, he has since elevated his expertise even further, carving a niche as a luminary in internet marketing, specializing in online Rapid-Fire live events and video (note that he is not a videographer).


Moreno expertly illustrates the transformative potential of online videos in self-promotion. He deciphers the precise sequence of actions necessary to craft impactful marketing videos, unveiling the ease and swiftness of the process.


In today's landscape, video stands as the most consumable medium. Moreno champions entrepreneurs in mastering video production and devising an expansive online footprint for their enterprises.


His unique marketing specialization presents an ideal fit for entrepreneurs. Rapid-Fire Videos, characterized by their simplicity, speed, and cost-effectiveness, can be crafted from the confines of one's office or home.


Beyond his marketing prowess, Moreno is a certified Toastmaster, extending his expertise to aid individuals in conquering their public speaking anxieties. His system revolves around instilling confidence, helping clients fabricate compelling scripts, incite audience enthusiasm, and deliver presentations that trigger decisive actions.


Moreover, Moreno introduces an ingenious method that thrusts you into the spotlight before a live virtual audience, enabling real-time interaction. This invaluable tool bolsters credibility and fosters trust, pivotal factors in attracting a burgeoning client base.


To embark on this journey, all that's required is a computer, an Internet connection, and most importantly, the determination to take that crucial step forward!

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Microbusiness owners need an elevator pitch on video that is brief, engaging, and memorable.

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